Ventilate your home

Why would you choose for good ventilation?

Your home breathes.

Good ventilation is crucial for a healthy home and is comparable to our breathing. Sufficient ventilation provides more oxygen in the home, less dust and dirt, and it improves the air quality and your health. In addition, good circulation ensures less moisture, which can prevent mold formation. Nowadays, ventilation is also required by law and is often combined with air heating. Ventilate your home regularly and make yourself comfortable with the various ventilation systems.


How does it work?

A ventilation system is an automated process in which the supply and removal of air happens naturally or mechanically. How this is done depends on the type of ventilation system. The fresh outside air is drawn in and sent inside. A ventilation system D first brings the new air up to temperature, so that no heat loss occurs in the home. Due to the heat recovery, the heat from the inside is transferred to the incoming air. This ensures that a good air circulation has little or no influence on your e-level and that you are not hindered by cold. The old air is then discharged outside. 

We offer type C and type D ventilation

Ventilatieysteem C
ventilatie brever

Type C

With a type C the air enters unchanged, so the fresh outside air returns to the original temperature in the house. With this system there is a natural supply of new air through windows or doors and a mechanical discharge of the old air by means of ventilation boxes. The supply takes place in the dry areas and the drainage takes place in the wet areas such as in the bathroom, toilet or laundry room. This makes the ventilation system of a type C less complex compared to a type D. The use of this type is a cheaper way of ventilation compared to type D, but ensures the desired ventilation in the entire house.

Type D

A ventilation system D is usually placed in the ceiling or in the wall, there is also a possibility to fix this in the floor. With this type there is both a mechanical exhaust and supply of air. The heat of the discharged air is transferred to the incoming air by means of a heat exchanger. The new air is blown into the dry rooms, such as the living room or bedroom, via the valves. Since the supplied air is previously heated, there is a limitation of heat loss. With this type of ventilation, the supplied air is first filtered for pollen, pollen and dust.

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