Air to air heat pump

Air-to-air heat pumps have an indoor and an outdoor unit, which are connected to each other.

The heat pump takes energy from the outside air via the outdoor unit and transfers it to the room to be heated by means of the indoor unit, and does this at a high efficiency. The filter system in the indoor unit purifies dust from the air. This system is suitable for both renovation and new construction homes and has a relatively low investment cost compared to other types of heat pumps.


An A+++ label for heating

Our air-to-air heat pumps are available with an A+++ label. In this way you heat the room in an extremely energy-efficient way.

energie efficientie


Together with you we search for the best solution for your project. We take into account comfort and financial and infrastructural needs. We only work with quality brands, including Daikin and Fujitsu. These brands were carefully selected by us.

Airco - airconditioning Daikin

Efficiency (SCOP)
The higher the better

from 5.15

from 5.12

Sound (cooling)

from 19 dBA

from 19 dBA


Standard and design units
(Design awards) 

Standard and design units


2 years,
expandable till 8 years

5 years


We calculate which heat pump is the best for you

You can sleep soundly because we carefully calculate the power of the heat pump for you. Our team calculates power based on a number of factors; heat losses of the building (insulation, ventilation system), comfort requirements (heat output, desired temperature), domestic hot water requirements, heat source, etc. Based on these values, we propose the most suitable heat pump.