Air water heat pump

An air-water heat pump has a delivery system (radiators or underfloor heating) and an outdoor unit. The heat pump takes energy from the outside air via the outdoor unit and transfers it to the climate system by means of a heat exchanger. The climate system gives off the necessary heat to keep the room to be heated pleasantly warm. This system is suitable for both thorough renovation projects and new-build homes. Ideal for combining with low temperature underfloor heating.


>> Did you know that there are numerous subsidies for heat pumps in 2021?<<

For an air-water heat pump you receive a subsidy of 1500 euros for your renovation project. With your new-build home you enjoy extra E-level points. Brever has the necessary certificates to qualify for this. We are happy to provide you with more information.


We will work with you to determine which heat pump is most suitable for your project. We take into account aesthetic, financial and infrastructural needs. We only work with quality brands, including Daikin and Fujitsu. These brands were carefully selected by us.

Performance (COP)
The higher the better

From 5.1
when +7°/35°

From 4.52
When +7°/35°C

refrigerant gas




2.5 years
expandable till 8 years

5 years

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