An air conditioner has an indoor and an outdoor unit, which are connected to each other. The air conditioner takes heat from the room to be cooled through the indoor unit and transfers it outside through the outdoor unit. With an air conditioner you have a fresh space all summer long. Thanks to our products with an energy class up to A+++, you can also do this at a high efficiency! In addition, the integrated filter system in the indoor unit purifies dust from the air.


Airco - airconditioning fujitsu

Brever chooses cool offices.

Our office in Kortenberg is equipped with an air-conditioning system. This way our colleagues enjoy the summer more and our office remains a pleasant working environment.


We will work with you to determine which type of air conditioning is most suitable for your project. In doing so, we take into account comfort, financial and infrastructural needs, among other things. We only work with quality brands, including Daikin and Fujitsu. These brands were carefully selected by us.

Rendement (SCOP)
The higher the better

from 5.15 

from 5.12

Sound (cooling)

from 19 dBA

from 19 dBA


Standard and design units 
(Design awards) 

Standard and design units


2.5 years,
expandable till 8 years

5 years

Our models

Fujitsu is best known to the general public from the computer world. However, the Japanese quality brand is at home in many markets: Fujitsu has been producing innovative air conditioning and heat pumps of high quality since 1960. In the second half of the 20th century, Fujitsu’s specialized climate control was extended to other continents.

Fujitsu continuously invests in research and development and strives for the highest comfort and the best energy savings for all temperature controllers. High durability, improved safety and easy installation of air conditioning and heat pumps are also important aspects for Fujitsu.

A few functions

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Just a few models to show, other models also possible.

airco - airconditioning


As the term suggests, a monosplit air conditioner consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. With this system you can cool or warm one specific room.

airco - airconditioning


With a multi-split air conditioner you can cool multiple rooms with just one outdoor unit. With this system, several indoor units are linked to one outdoor unit.